Digital infrastructure consulting

Business systems procurement

We help select and procure business software based on your needs.

We work with a variety of cloud, local and hybrid solutions to match your requirements for finance, ERP and payroll systems.

Software implementation

We manage installation, configuration and training for new business software systems, upgrades and add-ons.

Systems integration

Get your systems talking to each other to speed up information, reduce risk and free up your team to add value.

We help specify and configure system changes and custom solutions to exchange data quickly and securely between business systems.

Digital and IT services liaison

We can co-ordinate requirements and solutions between executive sponsors, business users, IT departments and service providers.

We help manage multiple or conflicting projects without compromising results.

Server hosting and migration

Get a server solution to suit your needs and constraints, optimised from a variety of hosting technologies and providers.

We combine cloud, network and private server options in your choice of global location.

We can set up and oversee server migration, monitoring, and ongoing management.

Data management strategies

Data management includes data availability, access, protection, backup, form and geographical location.

We help you find the right strategy to optimise these data priorities for your business goals.

Analytics support services

Give your business an edge by enabling high performing analytics capabilities.

We provide design, setup and training of your data and analytics environment from inputs through to business decisions.

LASR. Focus on your needs.